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Most asked questions

Is it safe ?

Yes, our booster do not use cheats and all the matches are played by real players (no vertigo boost for example). It means you cannot get banned by VAC/OVERWATCH/RIOT/BLIZZARD after using our service. All the boosters work under contract, they are verified and trusted so they won't steal your skins or change any data on your account.

How can I pay for any of your services?

We offer two kinds of service. The first one is rank boosting - You pay us for improving your rank and matchmaking rating in competitive games. You give us your username and password and we play on your account. You can also pay to play with the booster and don’t give your account informations. Second service is win boost - You pay for win that mean you can either choose to play with the booster or gives us your account informations. You pay for a certain number of win which means that once you get all the win the order is finish. We promise that if we do 1 loose we’ll do 2 more win.

How can I be sure you will not steal my account/inventory?

If you are worried about the security of your items/inventory, please be aware that the booster will log into your Steam account from a new location, and that will give You 7 days market cool down. That means the Steam trade / market is closed for booster. For other game such as Overwatch/BDO/LoL/R6 there is email security to authorize the access for the booster which mean he can’t change your password/email himself since it’s linked to your personal email. Just make sure that your email is verified in the website of the game. After the boost is done we recommend to unauthorize all other computers in steam guard options. Here is an instruction how to do it.

Who will boost me?

There is no need to worry about safety all our boosters are working under a contract, they are verified and trusted. We do not hire random players. Every booster got the highest rank on their main account in the game they are boosting on, most of them are ex/semi-pro players.

Can I play on my account while the order is performing?

Playing ranked/competitive games during boosting service is prohibited and can end in cancellation of your order without refund please check our terms and conditions for more detail about this. Also if you purchased Duo/Lobby with booster you should play competitive matches only with boosters. Of course you can still play casual/normal games with your friend if the booster is offline.

How can I track the progress of my order?

When we start a job you will be able to chat with the booster through the website so you can ask him about the progress. You can also directly check the progress in you order section.

Other informations

What you get

Desired rank

With our boosting service you can reach your desired rank faster than any other website. We have finished a large number of order without cheats or any other third party programs.

Guaranteed boost

Every Boostrco customer is protected by our guarantee system for 15 days. If our work does not satisfy you, just reach us through the chat on the bottom right of your screen or leaves us a mail at support@boostrco.com, we will refund you.

Rapid order

We only need few hours after receiving the order to start your boost. We got many boosters available 24/7 and our system helps us to give our customers the fastest boost of the market.

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